21st Annual Gelato Cup

The Cause



The Gelato Cup Golf Tournament hasn’t just pledged $3 million over 10 years to help build a new rooftop helipad at Sunnybrook; the tournament’s five founders, Mauro Baldassarra, Jim V. De Gasperis, Perry Dolente, Dino Longo and Franco Palladini, inspired many others to join them in funding the $8.7 million needed to make the project a reality.

Close to 1,200 critically ill patients are cared for each year at the Tory Regional Trauma Centre. More than 200 of those arrive at the hospital via a helicopter on the east end of the hospital’s property, where a ground ambulance transports patients another 500 metres to the hospital emergency department.

“A rooftop landing will save precious minutes when every second counts and give Sunnybrook patients arriving by helicopter the best possible chance for survival,” explains Dr. Homer Tien, medical director of Sunnybrook’s trauma centre. “We call the first 60 minutes from the time of injury the ‘golden hour’. It’s important to start treatment at a trauma centre within that window.”

“We are so honoured and proud to make this landmark commitment to Sunnybrook,” says Gelato Cup co-founder Jim V. De Gasperis. “Thanks to the support of the Gelato Cup Golf Tournament participants and sponsors, we will help Sunnybrook doctors and staff save lives.”

The 18th annual Gelato Cup Golf Tournament will continue to fund a new rooftop helipad at the Sunnybrook Hospital. Over 1,200 patients per year are cared for at the Tory Regional Trauma Centre. About 25% of those cases arrive by air ambulance. Patients arrive from other hospitals, as well as directly from on-scene trauma. Trauma patients arriving by helicopter currently land at a helipad on the east end of Sunnybrook’s property, where they are then transported by ground ambulance to the hospital’s emergency department. Rerouting helicopter trauma landings to the new rooftop helipad location will save precious moments and allow critical patients to access the lifesaving treatment they need more quickly.

The new helipad will be located on top of Sunnybrook’s “M” wing - right above the main entrance to the hospital and adjacent to the emergency department. It will feature a partially closed tunnel to protect both patients and paramedics alike from inclement weather. Two designated elevators will enable quick and efficient access to areas like the trauma room, critical care, operating suites, high-risk birthing and premature newborn critical care. Says Mr. De Gasperis: “Thanks to the support of the Gelato Cup Golf Tournament participants and sponsors, we will help Sunnybrook doctors and staff save lives.”

The Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors from left to right:
Dino Longo, Jim V. De Gasperis, Franco Palladini, Perry Dolente, Mauro Baldassarra